BP Makridou - Karalidis


About us

The gas station BP Makridou – Karalidis was established in August of 1993 under the brand name Euroil and then in 1998 collaborated with BP company. It is a family business. Our team consists of a four person specialized staff. Every year, our gas/fuel station innovates in it’s services and it’s unique design. Our gas station is advertised in the official BP seminars in whole Greece and it’s photos have been published in BP company’s centrals located in England. We welcome customers from every corner of the world, who write their impressions in our review book as you can see below.

Our services


  • Unleaded 95
  • Unleaded 100 (ultimate)
  • Super diesel
  • Ultimate diesel
  • Heating oil


With just one phone call we are next to you and your beloved people to offer you warmth every winter. We guarantee your home’s heating with BP heating oil always trustworthy and economically.


  • Washing in and out
  • Organic cleaning
  • Engine washing
  • Washing of all the components
  • Self service car wash


Did you travel a long trip and need some rest? We provide a comfortable and well designed place for you to rest and enjoy a delicious coffee or a snack. All of our products are at an affordable price and also we provide exceptional services.


  • Consumables
  • Sweet drinks
  • Car accessories
  • Lubricants


We provide free and fast wireless network and also tablets for your fast and comfortable internet navigation. Are you searching for information about a trip? Just surf the internet? Write a review. In our gas station you can do it easy and fast.


Βeyond immediate and exemplary service we want you to feel safety in your transactions. This is achieved because we provide full collaboration with all bank programs. Choose any program that suit your needs and earn unique offers.


We may be a small family business which offers top services but we are also part of a big company like BP worldwide and we provide all bp programs in general.


We accept bank cards of a big variety for you to feel safer. More specific:

  • Ekocard
  • Bp card
  • Routex
  • DKV

We also accept  Visa, American, agricultural card and much more.

Take a look

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Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Even more snacks
Simple ideas with a bit of imagination
The most unique gas station around
New, comfortable, big, glass tables
Unique outlook even in the details
Sizeable  space
Even greater variety
Now even more products
Order and completeness
New aesthetics inside
Now even more comfortable exterior place
Redecorated exterior space
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Christmas decoration
Christmas atmosphere
All hygiene regulations are being abided
Unique Design
We keep the toilets clean constantly
Reviews book
Big variety of snacks and refreshments
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Modern Tablets
Unique Design with respect to our history
Toilets and Cafeteria
Interior view
Bp Makridou-Karalidis
Clean and Comfort
Our priority is your comfort
Place for tablets
Review from Greek
Customer from abroad
A happy tourist
Tables outside
Free 12 point check up
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Supporting programs
Customers testimonials
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